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Attractive Wall Decors For Apartments

When decorating an apartment, you might feel that the options are limited. Of course, you cannot make your apartment bigger, but you can always add attractive wall decors to get the feeling that it has been perfectly put together by taking advantage of the open spaces presented by the walls. In addition, you can try applying a bright and bold color to accentuate the wall decor or use wallpaper and other painting techniques.

Large-Scale Art

You can fix a large photograph or painting to set the tone in your apartment. In a minimalist space, you could add a black-and-white painting or photo or an abstract piece with vibrant colors. If you are looking at apartments for sale in Bangalore, make sure that you choose one that presents you with ample open wall spaces.

Wall Gallery

If your goal is to add personality and color to your apartment, consider creating a gallery wall. You can display art collections, photographs, and/or wall hangings, among many other ephemera. However, it is a good idea to opt for either simple and cohesive frames or an array of ornate items so that you mix things up a little.

Showcase Fabric

Making use of a wall hanging or tapestry helps to add pattern and color. It also helps to create a feeling of softness to your space. Some ideas you can consider are framing vintage scarves and pretty textiles. They are a lot easier to handle than framed paintings when you decide to move to your next apartment.

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors have the ability to reflect light and this helps spaces to appear bigger and brighter. Hanging an oversize mirror or displaying several smaller salon-style pieces can make a whole lot of difference to apartment spaces.

Mural Painting

Getting mural paintings done on your walls is helpful in creating a different kind of feeling. It does not whether it is hand painted or a wall covering, the motif has the power to create a big impact.

Install Shelves

You may not run out of floor space in super luxury apartments in Bangalore, but that may not be the case with smaller apartments. If you do not have enough floor space for installing bookshelves, you can consider fixing them to the wall. It might be a good idea to install floating shelves to display small sculptures, hardcover books, and any other odds and ends.

Hang Plates

You should never try to hide the fine china collection that you have inside a cabinet. You can always show them off by displaying your favorite dishes as well as serving platters using wire plate hangers.

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