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Simple Tips To Adapt To A Sustainable Lifestyle

The following tips in this article would help you to live happier and greener of course. Adapting some of these tips into your lifestyle even if you are residing in luxury villas in Bangalore will give you some opportunities to pay back to nature.

Tip 1:

When you build your dream house, make use of CFL/ LED bulbs instead of incandescent ones. They last longer and you would have to buy fewer numbers in the future. Moreover, they are energy-saving which is so important in today’s life.

Tip 2:

Build houses that have many windows and open them every day to turn on natural light. You will end up enjoying more sunshine and better health in the long run. Switch on your bulbs only when necessary.

Tip 3:

If you are planning to stay in an apartment, make sure you have the correct arrangement for drying your clothes. Try not to use power for drying the clothes. A well-arranged clothesline helps to save energy and protects your clothes as well. Along the same lines, it is better to hand-wash your clothes when you have too few of them to actually run a washing machine. You will end up saving a lot of power.

Tip 4:

In the bathrooms for your new house, ensure that you have a shower timer. If you do not install a shower timer, you can manually time your shower and finish your bath without wasting too much water. Also, use a shower head that helps you to save water.

Tip 5:

As far as power is concerned, go for smart homes that help to turn off the power when you leave a room after a specified time in the night. All devices should be switched off after a specified time. Thi9s will help you to save on your utility bills and energy of course.

Tip 6:

Ensure that you use car-pooling or public transport to commute to the office. If you are living in villas in KR Puram, Bangalore, it is well connected to other parts of the city and you could perhaps make use of public transport to move to different parts of the city. You may want to even buy a bicycle to reach the office. This takes care of your health and fitness too.

Tip 7:

At the office, opt to go up using the stairs instead of the elevator. You end up saving power and working out for your health as well.

Tip 8:

Do not use plastic bags anywhere anytime. Switch to cloth or paper bags. They will help you leave a bountiful earth for future generations. Remember to take your own bag every time you decide to visit the shop. Shop in bulk; this is energy saving and fuel saving as well.

Tip 9:

Go paperless at home. Put a notice barring junk mail in your post box. Send only electronic invitations or invite using the phone. Opt to receive only electronic mail and digital notices.

Keeping all these suggestions in your mind and following them will help you to lead a sustainable life and preserve the earth for longer.

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