Luxury Flats

Historically, real estate is considered to be an investment asset class that provides handsome returns. The real estate sector in India, the second-largest employer, is expected to grow substantially in scope and volume over the next decade. If you are a real estate investor, all these aspects matter to you. Read on to know as to what factors can help you to become successful in investing in the real estate

In the recent past, Bangalore has come to be more known for its real estate investment opportunities. This is because a larger number of people are migrating to this city from all over India, thanks to the digital revolution. When investing in a house of their choice, people here seem to want more than just 4 walls with space enclosed. This is obvious because there are more luxury flats in

Once you have invested in a property, you should be aware that there are tax issues involved. If you just thinking of buying property then it is important to stay informed about this aspect. Given below are some bits on information about the tax involved and how one can make some savings on the tax using deductions and exemptions. First things first: tax on property calculation has been rendered simpler after

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