People of today are living for more number of years, thanks to many factors: increased life expectancy, improved disease treatment facilities, and better standards of living, among others. The 2011 census says that there are over 76 million seniors and is expected to surge to 173 million by 2025. That is a huge number. With changes in family structure and rise in the number of nuclear families, many older residents end

You may think that commercial real estate investment is a challenging proposition. That is not true and you can even earn high returns by following the principles of long-term investing. Some of the aspects you have to keep in mind are: #1: Location of the commercial property Location of the commercial property you are planning to buy is one of the most important aspects to be borne in mind. This is because

You always get a feel of the personal tastes of the owner as soon as you enter a home. Such feelings are often based on the furnishings used, lighting, and the prevailing fragrance. While a rustic space provides a warm feeling, a contemporary space would appear urban and sophisticated. Irrespective of the kind of style you adopt for your home, it should reflect your personal style. Lighting One of the first aspects

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