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Senior Citizens Moving to Gated Community Villas

People of today are living for more number of years, thanks to many factors: increased life expectancy, improved disease treatment facilities, and better standards of living, among others. The 2011 census says that there are over 76 million seniors and is expected to surge to 173 million by 2025. That is a huge number.

With changes in family structure and rise in the number of nuclear families, many older residents end up staying all by themselves. This is rampant in metro cities such as Bangalore. Elderly citizens are on the lookout for moving into Hebron Enclave that have access to facilities like hospitals, supermarkets, libraries and other entertainment venues that are easily accessible.

Ultra Luxury Villas in Bangalore

It is interesting to note that a large section of the elderly is now well to do, independent, well- travelled, socially connected and financially stable. With clear thoughts on how to spend their old age, many are on the lookout for ultra luxury villas in Bangalore.

Sensing these needs, luxury real estate developers are into housing projects equipped with requisite amenities for the elderly. When the elderly live in such gated communities, they do not have to step out for anything as they are built to be self-sustaining.

Amenities Present

Real estate developers are well aware of the complications that senior citizens face in their evening years such as health complications, loneliness, insecurity, financial limitations, etc. Therefore, these gated communities are designed with basic facilities to alleviate these kinds of problems.

The amenities that are present in the gated communities are the following:

  • Easily available housekeeping services
  • Highly secure environment with round-the-clock security
  • Park for relaxation purposes
  • Library and game rooms
  • Healthcare facilities with emergency medical facilities, in-house doctor, ambulance facilities
  • Wheelchair-friendly buildings

Other Features

Many of these gated communities are built with around 400 units inside them the sizes are different and range from 500 to 2500 sq. ft. They are built with 1, 2, 3 BHK options that one can choose from. Vilas and studio apartments are also built according to residents’ preferences. The price of these housing units may vary from 25 lakhs to 1 crore INR.

The market size for this segment of residents is expected to grow to 5000 crore INR by 2020. As this figure is pretty big, many real estate developers are jumping into this segment. Many gated community housing projects are on in metro cities of India such as Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Bombay. Here are mega projects for housing the elderly that are being built in Tier II cities such as Bhopal, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Nagpur, etc., as well.

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